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frequently asked questions

How long in advance do you recommend I place an order for my dress?

We recommend you order your dress well in advance of your wedding to make allowances for delivery time and fittings. However, if you are pushed for time we will do everything possible to accommodate you.

How much do Losners charge for alterations?

This depends entirely on what alterations each individual bride needs. We suggest to our customers that they budget for around £200 worth of alterations as they are priced separately.

Is it possible to have my dress sent abroad?

We are able to send dresses abroad using one of the reliable services such as DHL but we do charge for this extra service.

How long does it take to order bridesmaid dresses?

It depends on the style and make but generally we advise that once the order has been placed you allow anything up to 16 weeks for delivery.

What are your price ranges?

Our dresses start from about £650 onwards.

Is there a cost for ordering the sample?

Yes there is a small charge for ordering a sample but this would be deducted from your final balance once the order has been placed.

How much deposit do I need to leave to secure the order?

The deposit is usually 50% of the total cost of the dress and it is non refundable.

Are all the dresses available for the more voluptuous woman?

Most of the designers that we stock cater for all sizes.

I am religious and looking for a more modest dress, what do you suggest?

With our in house designer and seamstresses we are able to create the perfect look for every need.